Sunday, January 24, 2010


Issued year - 2009, September

Once in a while, not as often as I wish, Alexandra Vieira, a work mate, gives me precious coins, as this time. This coin recreates the gold Morabitino struck in Braga or in Lisbon in the reign of D. Sancho II (1223-1248), only one copy known to exist, belonging to the Portuguese Numismatic Museum, today considered to be one of the most important numismatic treasures.
The «Morabitino de D. Sancho II», with a face value of 1.50 euro, is the first of five coins to be issued by the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, that initiates, in 2009, the minting of a series of collection coins called «Tesouros Numismáticos Portugueses» (Portuguese Numismatic Treasures) recreating five of the most beautiful and rare examples of Portuguese coins.
Being a modern coin, its design is very close to the original it commemorates. It shows in its obverse the legend of the «República Portuguesa», the face value, the era and national shield represented in order to form a set with the composition shown in reverse where the image of the face «Morabitino» is recreated with the image of the King on horseback surrounded by the legend «REGIS PORTVGALENSVM».

Only one available to swap

Issuing volume: 100.000


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Always on Top.
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send me a new "missing coins "list please.
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