Monday, July 1, 2013

Torre dos Clérigos

Issued year - 2013, June
250 Years of the Torre dos Clerigos

Bought on the 20th of June...

The newest portuguese commemorative coin, created by sculptor Hugo Maciel, points the 250 years of the Clérigos Tower, national monument and symbol of the city of Porto designed by the architect Nicolau Nasoni, and also shows in the background, the city of Porto viewed from the river.
Torre dos Clérigos was built between 1754 and 1763. The baroque decoration here also shows influence from the Roman Baroque, while the whole design was inspired by Tuscan campaniles. The tower is 75.6 metres high, dominating the city. There are 240 steps to be climbed to reach the top of its six floors.
A landmark in the city of Porto, construction was started on the Clérigos Tower, designed by the Tuscan architect Nicolau Nasoni following a request by the Irmandade dos Clérigos Pobres (Brotherhood of Poor Clerics). 

Issuing volume: 500.000


Anonymous said...

Bom dia

Teria vosse posibilidade de cambiar moeda dos clerigos por outra na que este interesado?

Eu son de Santiago de Compostela.


Lazy man working said...

Sim, se for por outra moeda que me falte, mas seria necessário trocar mais do que 1 moeda.